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How To Buy and Wear a Pink Cowboy Hat?

Are you thinking about how to carry a pink cowboy hat? Don’t panic. We have some great tips to help you make a perfect style statement.

The pink cowboy hat has gained a lot of popularity within no time as many celebrities have worn it. And no doubt they looked highly fantastic.

The cowboy hat is also called the western hat or ten-gallon hat. The cowboy hat consists of two things, is high-crowned and wide-brimmed. There are many online manufacturers which offer a wide variety of pink cowboy hats. Some hats have cute little tiaras, feathers, slim belts, pearls, and beads. In the same way, there is a lot to shape available in it. The most popular ones are the cattleman’s crease, the boss of the plains, and flat and tracker brim. Let’s take a look at some tips for buying a cowboy hat and how you should wear a pink one.

Tips For buying a Cowboy Hat

Take Measurement of Your Head to Buy A Perfect Fitting

You must measure your head before buying a cowboy hat if you want a comfortable, perfect hat to fit correctly. And it doesn’t fall off your head again and again. However, the companies have made a size chart. But still, measure it with a measuring tape for any inconvenience in the future. Buy a little bit smaller of your size so that the hat gets a good hold of your head.

Consider Your Face Shape

After measuring your head, focus on your face shape. It’s an essential step. The right hat can enhance your look without so much effort. For this, you can outline your face in the mirror. Recognize your face shape and then buy a cowboy hat accordingly.

  • If you have a cup-shaped face, you can wear a hat with a shorter brim and tear-drop crown.
  • People with round shapes will look better in the slanted brim and higher crowns.
  • People with square faces should wear a curved brim with a rounded crown.
  • Those with oval face shapes can opt for any hat.

Choose The Hat Material According to The Season

There are different types of hats, and they are worn according to the season, just like clothes. Felt and straws are widely used materials for cowboy hats. Straw is usually used from May to Labor Day, .and felt is used in the other months. People also go for leather in winter as it’s a good insulator. The above rule is not compulsory and can be changed according to weather and climate conditions.

How To Wear A Pink Cowboy Hat?

Pink is a cool color and can’t be worn with every dress. So, you need to decide carefully which occasions are perfect for wearing a pink cowboy hat.

Select The Shade of Pink According to Your Skin Tone

There are several shades of pink, and that’s why you need to decide which color goes with your skin tone. Light colors suit darker skin tones and dark shades of pink look incredibly beautiful on lighter skin tones.

Clothes That Perfectly Go with Cowboy Hat

Typically, cowboy hats are paired with the bottom down, check shirts, and blue denim jeans. But t-shirts with shorts or skirts will also look perfect in summer. The now so popular pink cowboy hats look good with almost every outfit. But some dresses are ideal for a pink cowboy hat, such as tank tops, crop tops, miniskirts, bikinis, silk tops or corsets, and a coat of lip gloss.


Cowboy hats are not specifically for cowboys or cowgirls. It’s an accessory for everyone and every occasion. You don’t need a particular purpose to wear it. Just good quality and the right style can make your day. You’ll feel more confident and fashionable.

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